The startup of Festivalblanket

The idea of Festivalblanket comes from the owner, who herself loved to go to festivals. She was always looking for special picnic blankets, to relax in between the bands, and prevent her clothes from getting dirty.
There was always the possibility to grab an old blanket or to buy a regular 13-to-the-dozen picnic blanket. But why not a bit more special? The average festival visitor pays attention to his/hers clothes and looks as well. So why not the picnic blanket?

After a long period of researching for the right supplier, we found this product in the UK. The Festivalblanket, with the hood, is developed by a group of friends in the UK, who gave it the name Shmangle. The outstandig prints are designed by us. We brought the Shmangle to the Netherlands in 2016. We have been receiving positive reactions ever since.

Have a lot of fun this season!

Best regards,
on behalf of the team,
Lianne van Oudenallen